250 miles of Backbone Fiber: NYC to Montreal

More Bandwidth is the Answer

Project Summary

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Licensed in all 50 states, The Westchester Team collaborated with a visionary partner to develop this project’s innovative design, which leverages the latest advancements in fiber optic technology, ensuring unparalleled speed, latency, and scalability.


The Westchester Team was chosen to provide FTTP engineering services, to install 250 miles of backbone fiber as part of a larger 440-mile, long-haul fiber optic route which runs from Montreal, Canada, to New York City, USA

The 440-mile fiber run included a branch to Albany, New York unlocking a new level of data transmission capacity for New York State Government.


The project’s unique cross-border architecture offers several advantages:

  • DARK FIBER: The architecture provides increased availability of dark fiber; essentially unused fiber which can be leased to customers for their own specific needs.
  • REDUCED CONGESTION: The complex routing and installation bypasses traditional data centers, which can be expensive and congested.
  • REDUCED LATENCY: The design offers a more direct route between Montreal and New York City, which can reduce latency

The Westchester Services Team is proud to be at the forefront of the fiber revolution, with a proven track record of success in designing and engineering cutting-edge Fiber-to-the-Premises (FTTP) and Outside Plant (OSP) solutions which meet the unique needs of our clients across the USA.

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Services Provided During This Project

Civil Engineering
Outside Plant and Fiber to Site Engineering