Utility Coordination

Project Summary

Westchester Services LLC was asked to provide utility coordination to bring permanent power, fiber optic cables, and execute easements to a raw land being constructed into a new cell tower site.

The utility design was carefully planned, coordinated, and designed to not disturb existing water and gas lines and to be built within the deadline and under budget. Coordination of utility staking, construction staking, utility company, construction crew, management teams, and stake holders were crucial in the planning process to ensure everyone was properly notified and knowledgeable on the build ahead. All issues and roadblocks were defined, communicated, and resolved timely and accurately.

The fiber optic cabling brought into the site was also by a new local exchange carrier (LEC). The new LEC was needing a minimum rated heat exchanger that exceeded the existing environmentally controlled cabinets currently used. Westchester’s team researched and provided a matching cabinet that fit the requirements but was not an approved vendor of the construction team. Westchester then contacted the company who made the new cabinets and helped gather and provide the documents needed to onboard the vendor and helped the construction team become room-ready before their forecasted date to the stake holder.

The utility design had been prepared and approved from preliminary to final from the construction crew, management teams, and third-party vendors. One roadblock emerged as the landlord who already executed the lease wanted additional funds for the utility easement that needed to be signed. The landlord then was advised by their legal team to demand more funds for allowing the utilities. The site acquisition then had to inform their legal department who sprung to action and began to confer with the opposing side. Numerous emails and too much time had passed for this site to be delayed any longer. The Westchester team was then brought on to carry out the easement execution. Through mediation between legal teams and parties on both sides through phone calls, emails, and personal visits. The Westchester team was able to bring everyone to a conclusion and the easement was signed faster than forecasted and under the advised budget allowed.

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